Monday, 18 March 2013

italian dough jewelry

Italian dough jewelry

i can make this with craft dough. its name is Italian dough. there are different types of dough which are use for making different flower and craft item but Italian dough is the best dough for making dough i can use Italian dough for making flowers. last time i tell you how to make Italian dough. i can also tell you how to make different flower with dough now i post a Italian dough jewelry.
foe making this necklace i use different italian dough flowers. the meterial use or making this are as follow.

  1. italian dough flowers
  2. Italian dough
  3. glue
  4. chain
  5. wire
  6. beads

first make different italian dough flower. and wait for dry.
take base if you have not a base then take wire and make base from it for necklace.
first make a design in ur mind that which design you like to make.
then  first bat paste some glue on base then paste some dough and then again paste some glue on it then start pasting dough flower on it one by one. make sure that you know that which design you like to make.
then take chain and put on top.

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